Choosing the perfect CV

I recently contacted the National Careers Service, an organisation that helps you get the most of your jobseeking and find the right position for you. So for anyone who’s interested here I share some of the tips they gave me, keeping in mind always that we are talking about an English CV, different from the Spanish one.

CV formats

You can use different formats of CV to draw attention to your strengths, target a particular job and communicate your career aims (for example, change career, get a promotion).

Here are some CV formats you might like to think about using:

Targeted CV

You might use a targeted CV to:

  • aim for a specific type of job
  • change career
  • highlight skills you have but don’t use in your current job
  • emphasise your skills rather than your past jobs – if you have had a lot of jobs or if you’ve not worked for a while.

In a targeted CV, you list your skills and achievements in a separate section, not in the employment section. Targeted CVs stress the skills and experience that are directly relevant to a specific job. You can keep different versions of this type of CV if you’re applying for more than one type of job.

Performance CV

You might like to use a performance CV if:

  • you want to highlight your career progression
  • your last employer is well-known by the company you’re applying to
  • you want to stay in the same line of work.

A performance CV is the most popular type of CV and focuses attention on job titles and company names, starting with your most recent job. Under each job title you list your duties and achievements. You may want to split employment record details if you gained promotion within the same company.

Functional CV

You might consider using a functional CV if:

  • you’ve had a varied career
  • you want to change career
  • you’ve got gaps in your employment history
  • you want to emphasise skills you have but don’t use in your current job.

In a functional CV you promote your skills and achievements in four to six ‘functional headings’. These headings should be geared towards the skills you need for the job you want.

I think this is quite a useful information because as they told me you need to get the employer’s attention in just 20 or 30 seconds so you better have an outstanding CV that explains clearly why they should choose you.  Here you have more information about it CV formats

I still haven’t made up mind yet about which one would suit me the best but I’ll let you know if it works!!

Just another Sunday…

in our lives. What do you do on a Sunday with an almost 2-year old little one when you have 10 hours after going to church just for you and her to be at home?? Yep, that’s basically the big sort of “challenge” Julia and I face every week since Samuel started working at the restaurant. Since then, weekends are not the standard “Saturday-Sunday” anymore, now you call weekend to a “Tuesday-Wednesday, Monday and Thursday…” and so on, if you know what I mean..

So what are the things we like to do?

DSC_0260Take a nap! Yep, that’s a nice option, since I usually go to bed quite late on Saturdays waiting for Sam to get home from work. Sleeping is free, relaxing and it keeps you “busy”!

But we don’t take 10 hours nap,so after that, Julia loves to watch her favourite movie in her whole world, Gru (Despicable Me2) AKA, “Ghu” as she calls him. She loves the little minions! I actually do as well…;) She can watch that film twice in a row! That gives me at least a couple of hours to be on my own, and I cannot afford to miss those opportunities! While she’s entertained I usually read whatever falls into my hands, news, articles, scriptures,…but I like to watch some series as well, good thing I have internet in my mobile phone, I couldn’t compete against her over the laptop!

I also take sometime on my Family History…ok, to be honest, I started today, again… BUT, I want to commit myself to be more consistent in that though. In fact, Sam and I have talked about the idea of writing like a “Family Diary” sort of thing. We think it could be very helpful and interesting for ourselves and for future generations to read about our experiences, after all, you don’t need to be a celebrity to do such things!


Anyway, the rest of the time Julia and I just hang out together, play around, read some Animal books, she loves them! and we basically enjoy the time mommy-daughter, because, if you really think about it these are precious moments that won’t come back again.

Daddy-daughter special moments

Now it’s my time to share with you some of my experiences here in England, hahaha.

Supposing that the reason why fathers come to England is for working, and working a lot, since the “good life” that used to be in Spain doesn’t exist anymore and more over you get paid per hour, I would like to give you a brief idea of things you could do to enjoy the few spare time you may have with your child.

It is a fact that’s Summer, and this is actually one of the hottest ones that England has gone through, so you have to take advantage of the good weather. Parks in Spain are nice, but here they are even better, very wide-opened and divided in different areas so that children under 5’s can enjoy by themselves without being bothered by the grown-ups and at the same time in good company of those ones around their age. For those people who have children under 14 there are other more complex playgrounds , and if it turns out that you are a sporty father and you are not too bothered in playing up and down  you can find other options as well, such as: tennis pitch, basquetball, football, picnic area, a little climbing, among other activities.

It is true though that not all the parks are equiped with the same stuff, but all of them seem to have a nice wide-opened grass area where with a bit of imagination you can enjoy an amusing daddy and daughter time.

So here you have some bits of what we usually do in our spare time with our little one, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes the whole bunch toghether.

A week full of events!

This week is being all about celebration! Celebrating my birthday, celebrating our wedding anniversary and celebrating The British Pageant!

Let’s start from the beginning:


Monday! on July 29th I turned 30! the so “unexpected year” for many on their twenties… even myself in the past was so scared of turning to a new decade, but not too long ago I started thinking about how exciting it actually was turning 30 years! Being a wife, a mum, a graduate,…living in a new country! I told Samuel, that it was time already, that I was prepared, that I felt prepared for new goals in life, in our family. So I faced my 30th birthday with a very positive attitude, excited as a little girl, and self-confident as a strong woman 🙂 I felt on that day and the following ones that I had many things to be grateful for…


Tuesday-Wednesday! Our 3rd wedding anniversary!! It’s been three years since we said “I do” for all eternity. We have so many memories already, a beautiful and non-stoppable daughter and so many exciting experiences going on in our lives lately. It is true what they say about marriage, it is, or should be, like falling in love with the same person day after day. This “British adventure” has made us drawn closer to each other, and whether it be for the good or for the bad now we are one another’s support. We turn to each other when we feel down, when we share good moments as well. But that’s what marriage is about! specially if you want it to last for all eternity!



Thursday!  The British Pageant! Organized by the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter day Saints, the one that we belong to, it tells the story of the first missionaries in the British Isles, when they arrived to Preston in 1837 sharing the gospel with the people of England. It’s a beautiful story of strength, sacrifice and faith. So whether you are religious or not, it is always uplifting and rewarding to hear about the good example of people like them. As a family, we always try to live our lives in a way that people might see something different in us, hopefully something differently good and not weird!, but when you are able to attend to this type of activities you also have to speak up, and share with who ever wants to listen that we are members of the Church, that we believe in God and Jesus-Christ and that we know how we can be eternal families! and that is something you need to say aloud. 🙂