Let’s start from the beginning: boy meets girl, girl says “I do!” and one year later… “daddy-mommy!”

That would be in very FEW words a summary of our three happily years of marriage 🙂 But, since we are not selfish, this small family of myself, Eliana, the Will Smith look alike, Samuel, and our sleeping beauty, J, would love to share with you our anecdotes, adventures, secrets and curiosities, but most of all those stories that may help someone in some way or even be entertaining, since now we are facing this new stage in our lives: The British adventure!

So we’ll make this a bilingual blog, with the “Spanish version” and the “English version”, we might even post something in Portuguese! after all, that’s what our home is like now, a little babel tower with these three languages mixing freely.

We hope you can all enjoy reading it as we enjoy living it!


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