My mum is the worst mum in the world

My mum is the worst mum in the world. Let me go back in time, since we’re celebrating Mother’s Day in Spain and other countries, and tell you the “horrible” things my mum did to me:


Being an unbearable fussy eater, stage that lasted up to 4-5 years of age, my mum was so “mean” that she used to blend all these natural juices, almost daily, and frequently with some “delicious” beetroot and other vegetables added to them. Luckily for me, she would put some oranges in them to hide the taste of iron from the beetroot! Without those smoothies I would have probably been a very malnourished child, because, couldn’t I be more difficult, could I?! Sometimes keeping the food in my mouth for over an hour…but you know what? My mum knew better.

IMG_1919IMG_1920With every changing season and specially in winter, she would wrapped me around and around with the scarf and zipped up my coat up to my nose or even putting me a pair of warm tights under my trousers if needed, because “darling, if the air is rushing through your mouth you’re going to get sick!” I would look like a giant marshmallow walking down the street, but how many colds or pneumonias did she save me from?

Because, definitely, my mum knew better.

We can’t forget the countless times that she stay in my bed with me, listening to my stories, life-changing experiences for me, dreams of a little girl to her probably, but she never showed a sign of exhaustion. She might have even been thinking to herself “Oh gosh, when is this little one going to fall asleep so I can go back to bed?” However, my mum knew better.

ENG: “Today an angel came to our house, just when I needed it, you’ve got the best mum in the world!!!!”

Let me tell you, my mum was so “cruel” that in my teens she would make me go with her to these care homes for the elderly where we would stay there for quite a while, me watching how she would talk to them, hug them, and moreover, listen to them. Couldn’t it exist anything more exciting for a fifteen-year-old than doing that! But she liked “torturing” me teaching me values like loving thy neighbour and service must overcome our convenience and selfish desires. Because, again, my mum knew better.


There’s not enough space in this post for me to really tell you how wonderful my mother is. It is my earnest hope that some day E and J can say that “I am the worst mother in the world” A secret-keeper, a pillow for their tears, a shopping companion, a therapist for their fears…on this Mother Day, I wish that all of you can have a mum as mean as mine, because only then, you will know what it really feels to love and be loved.

*Love you mummy! I know you will be the first one reading this post! :)*

(because, oh yeah! she is also our number one follower!)

And to you all, what lessons did your mothers teach you? Leave a comment and let’s spread the good values we learnt from them on this #mothersday.

A week full of events!

This week is being all about celebration! Celebrating my birthday, celebrating our wedding anniversary and celebrating The British Pageant!

Let’s start from the beginning:


Monday! on July 29th I turned 30! the so “unexpected year” for many on their twenties… even myself in the past was so scared of turning to a new decade, but not too long ago I started thinking about how exciting it actually was turning 30 years! Being a wife, a mum, a graduate,…living in a new country! I told Samuel, that it was time already, that I was prepared, that I felt prepared for new goals in life, in our family. So I faced my 30th birthday with a very positive attitude, excited as a little girl, and self-confident as a strong woman 🙂 I felt on that day and the following ones that I had many things to be grateful for…


Tuesday-Wednesday! Our 3rd wedding anniversary!! It’s been three years since we said “I do” for all eternity. We have so many memories already, a beautiful and non-stoppable daughter and so many exciting experiences going on in our lives lately. It is true what they say about marriage, it is, or should be, like falling in love with the same person day after day. This “British adventure” has made us drawn closer to each other, and whether it be for the good or for the bad now we are one another’s support. We turn to each other when we feel down, when we share good moments as well. But that’s what marriage is about! specially if you want it to last for all eternity!



Thursday!  The British Pageant! Organized by the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter day Saints, the one that we belong to, it tells the story of the first missionaries in the British Isles, when they arrived to Preston in 1837 sharing the gospel with the people of England. It’s a beautiful story of strength, sacrifice and faith. So whether you are religious or not, it is always uplifting and rewarding to hear about the good example of people like them. As a family, we always try to live our lives in a way that people might see something different in us, hopefully something differently good and not weird!, but when you are able to attend to this type of activities you also have to speak up, and share with who ever wants to listen that we are members of the Church, that we believe in God and Jesus-Christ and that we know how we can be eternal families! and that is something you need to say aloud. 🙂